The "British-Asian" Accent!

There's nothing I find more irritating or unattractive than the "British-Asian" accent. Iím in favour of non-British born individuals to have a mixed accent if it reflects their country of birth! What Iím referring to is that accent often heard in Asian communities from British born Asians;

I do not understand why, someone who was born and bred in England would reduce their appeal by talking as if they were born out of an Indian version of Harlem. Come on, you've all heard it, especially if you've travelled to Bradford!

Iíve had numerous individuals say the following words to me; "ye ye ye... what it iz ye, is dat I need some info ye" ... Seriously! Drives me mad!

A few months ago we were summoned to the board room for a presentation on our internal IT policy. A woman proceeded to speak as if I was one of her old school friends! I didn't mean to, but I could barely take her seriously! Iím sure we all have colloquial terms that we use in personal contexts, but we also have the intelligence to not use the terms professionally.

The most frustrating aspect is that more than anything else, this is a choice.. I could very well choose to speak like I had no education too! In fact, I could accept the language if it were in a personal social context. But I will stick to my guns in saying that there is a time and place to your colloquialisms, and the workplace is NOT one of them! In addition, I can promise you that a senior director of a corporate company would feel exactly the same.

If this causes offence, then I am sorry. I really donít mean to cause offence, however, I feel that this is more about a lack of respect for the surroundings, and work environment than an attack on your personal background. This is however a point that drives me mad that I wanted to share!

Till Next Time;

[P.s this goes hand in hand with texting in shorthand when you're above the age of 21. Point blank unacceptable]